June Blakeway

June is a popular and highly experienced instructor who has been with us since 2014. She is experienced in all disciplines, specialising in showjumping and young horse production. Her experience in general is far too vast to fit into a short paragraph, and despite having competed at various high end shows including HOYS, she is incredibly modest.

June has a friendly and personable character, she is welcoming and has a great sense of humour. She is thoroughly honest and genuine, a very valuable member of our family. 

June Hoys.jpg
Cally Ward

Cally began riding here in 2016 as a customer, she then began working for us part time as a groom and quickly became part of the family. In 2018 she became a full time member of staff, taking on a 2 year apprenticeship and will soon be a fully fledged instructor.

Cally is a kind and thoughtful individual and very popular with the children, and consequently the parents! She has done a wonderful job with our Junior Jockeys. Her knowledge and ability is visibly growing by the day due to her sensible, responsible and hard working nature.

Cally & Bess.jpg
Lexie Walsh

Lexie has been with us almost a year and fitted into the warm and friendly atmosphere of the yard like the missing piece of a puzzle. After completing her degree in Equine Science, she worked at a trekking centre, followed by the Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies for several years. Her experience from the SWHP is invaluable to us, ensuring horse welfare is always at it's best.

Lexie is down to earth, calm and efficient. She is easy to chat to and makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable while on the yard and during lessons and hacks.

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